Vacu Vin

Surprise Your Senses


Company Overview
Vacu Vin is a Dutch family-owned company that operates in over 85 countries throughout the world. The company which originates from the invention of the Vacuum Wine Saver in 1986, specializes in the development, production & distribution of innovative houseware products.

Our Vision
With creativity, flexibility, quality & social responsibility being the core values of Vacu Vin, the company wants to make sure it fulfills the needs of every customer. Whether they are consumers impressed by the product quality and comfort of use in daily life or retailers throughout the world that enjoy the support given that will increase sales and offer the optimal solution for both instore as online sales, Vacu Vin focusses on the complete process from design until finally reaching the end consumer.

Vacu Vin offers a range of innovative barware, kitchenware and tableware. From high-level department stores to mass-market supermarkets, Vacu Vin is able to offer products that fit its customer’s retail strategies including suitable POS materials.

Vacu Vin is prepared to be as flexible as possible for its partners due to the fact there is only one common goal: to build the brands and reaching their maximum potential. This flexibility results in tailor-made display solutions, supplying private label branded products and even designing special products for larger partners within or outside Vacu Vin's distribution channel.

Made in Europe
Vacu Vin is committed to deliver innovative products, made from high-quality materials which are mainly produced within Vacu Vin's in-house social work facility in the Netherlands and at the same time focusing as much as possible on production partners within the European borders.

Social Responsibility
The core family values on social responsibility have been put to life in Vacu Vin's in-house social work facility. Vacu Vin's focus is to help people that are not capable to work in an ordinary work environment, so they can recover their self-esteem and still be of great value to society.

The importance of social responsibility is not only limited to Vacu Vin's production facility, the company also initiated its own foundation called Sharing Success, which helped already over 50.000 disabled children in developing countries.

At Vacu Vin we are convinced that social as well as environmental responsibility is needed in order to fulfill the long term needs of our generation and the next to come…